The Science Behind H2OFX

H2OFX products are made of volcanic feldspar using our unique proprietary formula of specially treated and heat processed pellets. They store energy that travels as particles called phonons. This energy is transferred immediately into any water source.

This energy is called Relative Kinetic Energy (Einstein theory) and it allows the molecules and atoms in any water source to vibrate at speeds excessive to the speed of sound. Even though a body of water may be stationary, the energized atoms and nano-sized molecules of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon scatter electrons and affect interaction with light, heat, absorption and emittance.

The action of H2OFX Technology’s Kinetic Energy is a significant reduction of water’s molecular separation. This causes a recognizable improvement of nutrient absorption and toxin release from plants. Plants that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients require less feeding than standard industry practices. H2OFX treated water also experiences a tremendous increase in Far Infrared Energy (FIR) absorption. The effect in plants being an increase in chlorophyll, improves stress tolerance, larger root mass, thicker stalks, better flowering, trichome ripeness. This results in consistent healthy grows and better cycle times.

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H2OFX cartridges comes in two different sizes to suit your reservoir or watering container needs.

Add the cartridge at any time throughout the growth cycle – it is recommended for all stages of grow, germination, vegetation and flowering.