From the mouth of Marc Grand’Maison from Herb-Man Fertilizer

What can I say about this product?  In this industry – any product that has a direct impact on my daily routines, plant health, is reasonably priced and lasts 3 MONTHS – is a no brainer.

I started seedlings that looked like crap and within 10 days, with H2OFX, they turned into super healthy plants.  Cubes for clones?  They root and grow faster!  Cloner usage – AMAZING!  Clones grow & root faster and who the hell likes to clean their cloners!  AGAIN makes our routines MUCH easier because it reduces the scaling BIG TIME!!!

The buckets I have been using to mix fertilizer in for years – maintaining and cleaning regularly – are no longer getting the residue build (scaling) up they used to either!!  They stay so much cleaner so that’s BIG proof to me it works and a win in saving time at clean up! I’ve seen my plants looking much healthier and  growing a little faster.

It’s sooooo simple to use – you just toss it in your water bucket!  And if it dries out?  Just throw it back into the water to re-activate!!   It’s reasonably price – no huge price grab and they last 3 months!  With all the ‘snake oil’ products in our industry – I can say for sure – this isn’t one of them.

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H2OFX cartridges comes in two different sizes to suit your reservoir or watering container needs.

Add the cartridge at any time throughout the growth cycle – it is recommended for all stages of grow, germination, vegetation and flowering.