JP from Happy Frog Farmz

Every once in a while a product comes along that changes the game, and honestly, we haven’t had a big movement in the world of growing cannabis since LEDs were invented. I feel completely comfortable in saying that this product from H2OFX is going to make just as big of a difference as LEDs did. Once you see that you can really get rainwater like water coming out of your reservoirs or out of your sprayer end, you will think so too. Starting with a base water is just as important as sunshine is in growing, a cannabis plant can only absorb so many parts per million per feeding, it’s like 700. If you start off with water that’s got 300 ppm your plants are only going to get that 400 before they reject it, but if you start closer to 0 your plants are going to get everything you are feeding and you’re going to see better growth, faster growth and stronger stalks.

I have found since using H2OFX if my plants have been attacked by bugs or have a little nitrogen burn, the base water seems to be perfect for nursing them back to health. There is nothing better for autoflowers. I have added a few pictures of a 25 day old auto from @sofem, we are very excited to continue testing and showing our customers the results. I hope to get this product in the hands of growers who are serous about medical and recreational grow, I know once you get it installed you won’t ever want to water without it again. I stand by this product, I believe in this product and if you try it one time you will too! 😄🐸👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

JP @happyfrogfarmz

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H2OFX cartridges comes in two different sizes to suit your reservoir or watering container needs.

Add the cartridge at any time throughout the growth cycle – it is recommended for all stages of grow, germination, vegetation and flowering.