Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-09T13:19:26-07:00
How long will it take for me to see results?2021-09-07T15:42:19-07:00

Results will vary depending on what stage of the grow cycle you add the H2OFX cartridge to your water source. In marijuana plants seeds pop days quicker, cloning was seen as soon as 10 days and vegetation was 7-10 days early in some grows.

Does it work best if I use it with tap water?2021-09-07T15:41:16-07:00

H2OFX cartridges are designed for all water – tap, well and distilled. They help to remove gasses like chlorine from water, so the most dramatic results happen with city water because it is heavily chlorinated. You will notice thousands of tiny bubbles on the walls of your container, don’t be alarmed, these are gas bubbles being removed and it will be beneficial for the plant.

Has it been tested and is it certified safe to use?2021-09-07T15:40:35-07:00

H2OFX cartridges have been tested by CARO and our water is safe for potable water.

How long does it take to activate?2021-09-07T15:40:00-07:00

The water is activated within 45 seconds. Leaving it for one hour or more before using is preferred, but it can be used immediately if the water is run over the cartridge upon filling up your container.

How do you use it, where does it go?2021-09-07T15:21:53-07:00

Simply rinse the cartridge under tap water for 45 seconds to activate it, then place the cartridge in the bottom of your container and allow the water to run over it while it is filling up. This charges the water and it can then be used immediately. Once the cartridge is in the container it can stay there permanently. Please note: there are different sized cartridges for different sized containers/reservoirs.

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