100+ Years of Collective Growing Experience

We have a diverse team of water specialists, top tier geneticists and HVAC experts, all of whom have worked in the industry for years. Collectively we have over 100 years of growing experience. After years of trying new products, we wanted to come up with something that would take our grows to the next level – which prompted the creation of H2OFX.

H2OFX rethinks traditional industry practices to produce increased growth, greater yields, faster cycle times, larger root balls and reduced scaling in pipes and drip lines, among other things.

Our Mission

Developed by growers for growers. We sought out to develop a product to enhance grows by utilizing the water we have access to and adding a green technology that is safe & natural. H2OFX helps plants and vegetation to optimize their potential while focusing on a product that promotes an environmentally sustainable future.

Our Vision

Using our H2OFX Green Technology to help growers establish consistent, healthy, optimized grows.